Web Design

As a Small Business Owner, I understand the need for a website. Usually considered an investment, smaller companies can struggle to pay for upfront development and then the associated costs of website maintenance and hosting. Due to recent global events, more and more small business owners, like myself, are now faced with creating customer centric solutions no matter what our core business is. Small business now needs an online presence more than ever. 499 is my attempt to create opportunities for small business owners to have their very own professional web presence but without a major financial investment.


With the focus on small business, the 499 Option is perfect for any business wanting a professional web presence without the need for a huge development budget. The truth is that a affordable and well designed website need not cost you a fortune.

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The Ecommerce Option is perfect for those wanting to sell online. Equipped with all the functionality you need, take control of your online shop, products, inventory and sales of your products.

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  Need a Custom designed site? Let's take your idea and see if I can make it a reality.

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Budget constraints? Maybe the One Page Website will get you started.


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