About 499

Due to recent global events, more and more small business owners, like myself, are now faced with creating customer centric solutions no matter what our core business is. Small business now needs an online presence more than ever. 499 is my attempt to create opportunities for small business owners to have their very own professional web presence but without a major financial investment.

I have been involved with designing sites for corporates for over 20 years. As a consultant and designer, I am aware of the challenges of marketing your company and competing with companies with huge budgets, top notch developers and unlimited resources. Fortunately, my experience has allowed me a unique insight when it comes to cost effective web development. I am therefore able to offer first class solutions at an affordable price without compromising on the end product. I foresee a future business landscape where small businesses thrive by utilising the services we each bring to the collective table.

My primary offering will appeal to one man operations and small businesses without web or social media resources. Hopefully the 499 package will get you online and utilising the tools at your disposal. I have also created strategic partnerships with other small businesses that will add further value.

Your online presence will benefit from

  • Targeted Social Media Campaigns
  • Professional Copywriting
  • E commerce Functionality

As with any business tool, it cannot work you until you embrace the possibilities and take advantage of the opportunities it presents....

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